Halo G6 e-Cigarette Mini Tanks outperform standard cartomizers. Available in a variety of colors, you will be amazed by their performance.

Halo G6 Mini Tanks

G6 e-Cigarette Mini Tanks are higher performance solutions over standard cartomizers. Designed to maximize your vaping experience, the G6 Mini Tank still offers the same 1ml e-liquid capacity as standard cartomizers. Compatible with any G6 Battery, these unique Mini Tanks have no polyfill interior like cartomizers. Instead they each come complete with a wick to absorb your favorite e-liquid. As common with many cartomizers, the polyfill interior can sometimes overheat and cause a burned taste that combines with the vapor, muddling the flavor and overall experience of your e-juice. G6 Mini Tanks eliminate this issue providing just the pure clean taste of the e-liquid itself.

G6 Clear Mini TankG6 Blue Mini Tank  G6 Green Mini Tank G6 Purple Mini Tank G6 Red Mini Tank G6 Yellow Mini TankG6 Smoke Mini Tanks

Not only can you expect better performance and more intense taste from the G6 Mini Tank, you can choose from a variety of seven colors. Available in red, purple, green, yellow, blue, smoke, and clear every G6 Mini Tank is completely transparent. Another added value of the Mini Tank besides performance is the convenience of always knowing how much liquid you have left. They take the guessing out of not knowing when it’s time to refill, also common with solid standard cartomizers.