Let the Halo G6 introduce you to the world of electronic cigarettes. Tobacco smoking has become increasingly inaccessible over the years, due to the many laws and bans on public smoking. There are many social stigmas and health concerns associated with tobacco smoke for both the individual and public. Electronic cigarettes are a tobacco alternative, while still providing you with the feel, sensation, and taste you are looking for.

Introduction to G6 e-Cigarettes

As an introduction to electronic cigarettes and the vaping community there are some things to keep in mind. The G6 e-Cigarette is comprised of two individual parts that look and serve as a “cigarette”. The first part of an electronic cigarette is the battery. The battery is the rechargable power source for your vapor cigarette. The second part of an electronic cigarette contains or stores e-liquid, e-juice, or smoke juice. Throughout the industry these are called cartomizers or mini-tanks. Both of these vessels contain an atomizer which heats the e-liquid producing vapor or e-smoke.

There are two key components needed to simulate tobacco smoking provided through using the G6 e-Cigarette. They are vapor production and what is referred to in the industry as the “throat hit”. The e-liquid needs to be heated properly in order to create sensation, feel and taste. Thick vapor needs to be produced to emulate tobacco smoke, which will naturally be heavier than vapor. The Halo G6 has been engineered to produce generous amounts of heated vapor. With being heated properly, e-liquid can be extremely flavorful when heated correctly. Finally, when smoking a tobacco product you get that sensation of the smoke and nicotine hitting the back of your throat. Heated vapor from quality manufactured e-liquid mimics this sensation, satisfying and fulfilling your senses.