Halo G6 e-Cigarette Flavors are second to none in the electronic cigarette industry. Referred to most commonly e-liquid, e-juice or smoke juice, Halo has differentiated itself from the competition. Each flavor of e-liquid is formulated specifically to produce the most satisfying experience when used with the Halo G6 Cartomizer or G6 Mini-Tank. There are over 15 flavors available to choose from to satisfy any taste or palette. Halo prides itself on quality, American made e-liquids only using additives and flavorings approved by the FDA, FEMA, and United States Pharmacopeia. Every distinct flavor comes with your choice of nicotine level to fulfill your craving.

G6 e-Cigarette Flavors

This e-liquid or e-juice comes in a wide variety of flavor profiles including tobacco, menthol, gourmet, dessert, sweet, or even fruit. These flavored e-liquids are mixed with different levels of nicotine strength. Choose from five nicotine level options to find the right strength for you. Halo has you covered whether you consider yourself an ultra-light, light, full, or non-filtered tobacco smoker. All Halo e-liquids come in two bottle sizes, 7ml or 30ml. All bottles have child resistant caps and droppers for easy refilling of cartomizers or mini-tanks.

Another fact about Halo e-liquids are they are completely made and manufactured in the United States. Many companies have their e-liquid and e-liquid base manufactured and imported from overseas, particularly China. As you can imagine many of these e-liquids may be less expensive to the end consumer, but the quality of ingredients and manufacturing processes are highly questionable. Halo prides itself on quality control through its ingredients, manufacturing, and final products.