The G6 e-Cigarette Complete Starter Kit includes everything you need to get started with electronic cigarettes. There are many varieties to choose from when making your smokeless cigarette decision. Many companies have endless variations of electronic cigarette kits they label as beginner, intermediate or advanced. The choice is hard enough when you are making the switch to e-cigs without being bogged down with too many choices. The Halo G6 Complete Starter Kit is perfect for new beginners or advanced users while not being overly expensive. Don’t be overwhelmed when making your electronic cigarette choice.

Halo has created the G6 Starter Kit to include everything necessary when it comes to electronic cigarettes and needed accessories. This e-cig starter kit is affordable and user friendly, while contending with any other electronic cigarette available. While many alternatives exist, not all give the performance and quality of the Halo G6 e-Cigarette. Not only is this starter kit complete with multiple batteries and chargers, you will receive either empty or prefilled cartomizers from Halo with their fabulous selection of American made e-liquids.

G6 e-Cigarette Complete Starter Kit

The G6 e-Cigarette Complete Starter Kit includes (2) G6 batteries, (1) wall charger, (1) USB adapter, (1) five-pack of your choice of either pre-filled cartomizers or blank cartomizers, and instruction manual. Everything comes complete in a fitted black case with soft leather top branded with the G6 logo.