From basic black to red or green, no other e-cigarette gives you so many style and color choices.

G6 Colors: Best Looking e-Cigarette Available

Premium styling is what sets the Halo G6 apart from the competition. Halo G6 Electronic Cigarettes come in nine different colors for individual style and taste. Every Halo G6 Battery features a stylish “G6″ logo on the side and bright silver threading. Manual batteries also feature bright silver trim around the button. Every battery has a satin finish that resists scratching and feels comfortable in the hand. All Halo G6 e-Cigarette accessories allow you to customize the look of your electronic cigarette.

Select one of nine different colors for a discreet e-cigarette or one that turns heads. The colors available for the G6 e-cigarette include Jet Black, Classic White, Titanium, Midnight Blue, Deep Purple, Demon Red, Princess Pink, Electric Lime and Emerald Green.

G6 Jet Black E-Cigarette

Jet Black G6

G6 White Electronic Cigarette

Classic White G6

G6 Blue Ecigarette

Midnight Blue G6

G6 Purple E-Cigarette

Deep Purple G6

G6 Pink E-Cig

Princess Pink G6

G6 Lime Ecig

Electric Lime G6

G6 Titanium Ecig

Titanium G6

G6 Green E-Cig

Emerald Green G6

G6 Red Electronic Cigarette

Demon Red G6

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