The Halo G6 e-Cigarette Battery offers more power than the competition in a package the size of a “100s” cigarette.

The Halo G6 e-Cigarette Battery

The Halo G6 e-Cigarette Battery is designed with Infiniglow technology, which uses advanced circuitry to maximize usage time between recharges. The standard 78mm Halo G6 Battery has a capacity of 280 mAh and lastsfor about 300 puffs before you need to recharge it. You can expect the battery to outlast a full cartomizer. With the standard battery, the G6 is about the same size as a “100s” cigarette. If you prefer something shorter, the 65mm mini battery has a capacity of 200 mAh and lasts for about 200 puffs.

Halo G6 e-Cigarette Battery

Halo G6 vs. the Competition

The battery is arguably the most important component of an e-cigarette. Before you purchase any e-cigarette, check the battery’s specifications carefully. A typical cigarette-shaped battery has a capacity between 90-180 mAh and may not store a sufficient charge to empty even a single cartomizer. Manufacturers of these products often attempt to entice you to buy their inferior batteries by including a cigarette pack-shaped device that charges a dead battery a few times. What they don’t tell you is that these packs are bulky, slow and often fail to bring a dead battery back to a full charge.

Halo G6 Automatic Battery

The automatic battery allows you to use the G6 e-cigarette in the same way that you would use a regular cigarette; simply draw air through the mouthpiece to engage the battery and convert the e-liquid to vapor. You can draw the vapor into your mouth before inhaling, or inhale the vapor directly into your lungs. To maximize the vapor produced with an automatic battery, draw air only as hard is as necessary to turn the light on.

Halo G6 Manual Battery

The manual battery gives you full control over vapor production. To use it, simply push the button on the side of the battery and draw the vapor through the mouthpiece. To prevent the cartomizer from overheating, the battery cuts off automatically after five seconds. When this happens, the light flashes. A manual battery also has the additional benefit of not requiring an air hole in the middle of the connector. If you refill your own cartomizers, a sealed connector lessens the possibility of battery damage if you add too much e-liquid.

Charging the Halo G6 Battery

To charge the battery of your G6 e-cigarette, simply screw it into the end of the included USB charger. Insert the charger into one of your computer’s empty USB ports or connect it to the included wallcharger. You can charge a dead G6 battery in approximately two hours. The indicator light on the end of the battery turns on when the battery is charging, and turns off when the battery is full.

Select two automatic or manual batteries with your Halo G6 Starter Kit — or try one of each.

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