What is the Best Halo E-Liquid?

Because Halo has so many different e-liquids available — all of which are based on tobacco or menthol flavors — you might initially wonder which one you should choose as the first to go with your Halo G6 e-cigarette. Having tried all of Halo’s e-liquids, we believe that we can provide an objective guide that can help with your first purchase. We hope that you find it helpful. This table lists the best Halo e-liquids, starting at the top with our favorites.

Freedom JuiceHalo Freedom JuiceWe believe that Freedom Juice is one of the best representations of a true tobacco flavor on the market. With notes of tobacco, spice and pepper and a slightly sweet aftertaste, Freedom Juice will make you forget you ever smoked the real thing.
Menthol IceHalo Menthol Ice E-LiquidMenthol Ice combines flavors of menthol, peppermint and tobacco for a menthol cigarette flavor that's certain to be a go-to e-liquid for menthol lovers. The menthol cools the vapor, creating a pleasant feeling in the throat.
Torque 56Torque 56 E-LiquidIf you prefer tobacco e-liquids and find Freedom Juice too mild, Torque 56 is the one to try. Torque 56 features flavors of tobacco, coffee and vanilla and creates a powerful feeling in the throat and lungs.
Midnight AppleMidnight Apple E-LiquidLooking for something a little different? Midnight Apple combines a base flavor of tobacco with a green apple top note for a great after dinner flavor with a hint of sweetness. This is a great dessert e-liquid; the sweetness doesn't become overpowering with extended use.
TribecaHalo Tribeca E-LiquidA USA-made version of the classic flavor called RY4, which was developed by the Chinese inventors who created the electronic cigarette. The taste is reminiscent of tobacco with sweet caramel undertones.
CoolMist MentholCool Mist E-LiquidIf it were possible to smoke a breath mint, CoolMist Menthol would be that experience. While Menthol Ice has a base flavor resembling tobacco, CoolMist replaces that flavor with a combination of mints including peppermint and wintergreen.
Prime 15Halo Prime 15 E-LiquidPrime 15 has a wonderful nutty and earthy flavor that strongly resembles real tobacco when the bottle is first opened. Over time, however, the flavor becomes sweeter and starts to resemble tobacco less. Buy only what you can use quickly, because for the first few days, Prime 15 tastes incredible.
Malibu MentholMalibu Menthol E-LiquidMalibu Menthol recreates the taste of a frosty tropical beverage almost perfectly. Includes hints of pineapple and coconut with just enough menthol to create a cool, satisfying vapor.

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