How does the Halo G6 compare to the Halo Element e-cigarette?

If you have browsed Halo’s selection of electronic cigarettes, you may have noticed that the G6 e-cigarette is not the only starter kit on offer. The other is the Element, an e-cig that uses disposable cartridges and a 510-compatible atomizer. While the Halo Element is smaller, lighter and more closely resembles a real cigarette, the Halo G6 offers superior battery life and vapor production. We hope this comparison will help you make an informed purchase.

LinkHalo G6 Starter Kit Halo Element Starter Kit
PictureHalo G6 E-Cigarette Starter KitHalo Element E-Cigarette Starter Kit
Starter Kit Price$54.99$59.99
Included in KitTwo automatic or manual batteries, USB charger, wall charger, two empty cartomizers, pack of five filled cartomizers, plastic cartomizer case, metal storage tinOne automatic battery, one manual battery, wall charger, two atomizers, six empty cartridges, plastic cartridge carrying case, 5 ml bottle of e-liquid, metal storage tin
BatteryIncludes your choice of 78 mm (280 mAh, 300 puffs) or 65 mm (200 mAh, 200 puffs) batteriesIncludes 63 mm automatic battery (180 mAh, 180 puffs) and 63 mm manual battery (150 mAh, 150 puffs)
How it WorksCartomizer uses saturated cotton gauze filling to deliver liquid to the heating element and prevent leaking. Additional liquid can be added by removing the cartomizer's soft top.Cartridge contains a saturated sponge that delivers liquid to the heating element. Additional liquid can be added through the opening at the bottom of the cartridge.
Refill CostPre-filled cartomizers cost $9.99 per five-pack, or buy blank cartomizers at $8.99 per five-pack and refill from a bottle. E-liquid bottles cost $5.99 for 7 ml or $19.99 for 30 ml.Empty cartridges cost $4.99 per six-pack. E-liquid bottles cost $5.99 for 7 ml or $19.99 for 30 ml. Atomizers start at $7.99 and require replacement approximately every four weeks.
Refill SizeCartomizer holds 1 ml of e-liquid.Cartridge holds .7 ml of e-liquid.
ColorsBlack, White, Titanium, Blue, Purple, Red, Pink, Lime, GreenBlack

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